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This policy is meant to be a human-readable Terms of Service document. You should also read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how your data is used, stored and shared.

Sharing and Content

The following clause will probably improve drastically -for you, the user- in future iterations
Anything you share on Geobird, statuses, photos, comments will include your name or username with your profile photo. If you change your name or profile photo, things you shared will keep using the old versions. This is an intentional feature to capture the essence of the moment.
With everything you share, you grant Geobird permission to use the content. The content shared will show up on other User's streams, search and will be utilized in other Geobird features. Keep in mind that Geobird is a tool to share with the World and discover what others have shared.
The creator of the content is responsible of the content created, it's creator's responsibility to make sure that the content created adheres to any laws applicable.
Geobird uses caching heavily to reference content, therefore even if you delete something you shared, a part of it may keep on living somewhere. Deleted content gets removed from the owner's profile and stop showing up on features. However, for example, if someone previously liked a deleted content, a thumbnail of the content will be visible in the "likes" section of the user's profile.
Private messages are built to be private, but any of the parties may manually take a screenshot of the conversation and share it with others. All images on Geobird are stored on publicly reachable URLs, however as there is no way to know the URL of an image, the URL's are as safe as passwords. However as someone can share a screenshot of a private photo, they can also copy and share the URL of a photo, keep this in mind.


Safety is a priority at Geobird, as more and more information is shared online, the responsibility of services like Geobird and alike increases. We have implemented several safety precautions even before launch, many of which are lacked by even established websites, and we will continue to implement new features to ensure anyone's safety on Geobird. Every user generated content is reportable on Geobird, to make sure abusers never go unpunished. The majority of information flow is logged and these data will be shared with authorities in and only-in the case that a Geobird user is in danger, or a Geobird user is endangering others. The criteria will always be a universally acceptable logical deduction.
If you are a regular user reading these lines, you might be worried that your privacy may be breached by these precautions, however these features are built to catch/prevent abusers and alike, you needn't worry, your information will be kept as safe as possible

Behavior and Content

Any content or behavior that may be considered as offensive, violent or adultery - aren't allowed. Geobird is meant to be a place to share and consume positive experiences. The criteria for this vague clause would be to assess whether a person at any age would safely view the content or behavior in question, if the answer is universally "no" - that content may be removed / disabled.

Names, Usernames and Users

Names and usernames of accounts are subject to same content restrictions as shared content. There is currently no restriction on account names. Account names doesn't have to be real names. Accounts doesn't need to represent individuals. A Geobird account is free to represent anything from a pet to an interest, or you, preferably.
Additionally names or usernames that are clearly aimed at deceiving others may be altered or removed. Usernames that are universally associated with public figures might be removed and re-instated to the claimant, this will only happen in extreme and unarguable cases and the user will get a new username of their choice.

Usage and Limits

A Geobird account might be at any age, as an account doesn't necessarily represent a real person, however the person operating the account must be at least 13 years old.
If you are a normal user reading the following section of this clause, you shouldn't worry a bit, you can use geobird however you want.
It's not allowed to use any tool to temper with Geobird's logic externally, such as browser plugins. Mainly because such tools might affect Geobird's performance and creators of those tools might steal or misuse your information.
It's not allowed to parse Geobird for information and automate utilities that are intended for natural human/browser usage. Although there are precautions to prevent misuse, any account that violates this policy will be exterminated and all actions/elements created will be removed/reversed.


You can integrate Geobird to your mobile device or third-party account using Geobird apps. During these integrations there are some features that are opt-in and optional, some features are opt-out and some features are mandatory. The opt-in and opt-out features are determined with user satisfaction in mind.
Mobile app data usage: Your location, photos, contacts are only accessed and used with explicit permission, we don't parse or access any data without your permission.
Facebook Integration: After logging in with Facebook, your basic account information and friends-on-geobird data are pulled from Facebook. The basic account information is used as default values for your name, email, gender, birthday and about section. The friends data is used to let you know who are on Geobird. You can disable detection using privacy settings.
The main function of Facebook Integration is to utilize Facebook's Open Graph to synchronize your actions to your Facebook profile. These features are active on default. You can easily disable these features from Integration Settings/Facebook section.


Geobird is currently under development and will stay in development mode in the foreseen future.
As the User, you acknowledge that it's impossible to notify you at every tiny change to this policy, therefore changes to this policy might go unnoticed and it's your responsibility to check for policy changes - if you desire to.
We are doing everything we can to protect your privacy and safety, double/triple checking every tiny bit of Geobird to make sure everything is safe, building features to prevent bad things from happening, however we are living in a world where anything is possible, therefore, as the User, you should acknowledge this.