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Privacy Policy


This policy is meant to be a human-readable Privacy Policy. You should also read our Terms of Service to learn more about our terms and data utilization.


Geobird utilizes the information you provided to render your Geobird profile and things you share.
Information like profile name, username, about section and profile picture are directly available to everyone viewing your profile or things you share. Some information like age and gender are currently not directly available, however they are observable. For example the border color of the profile map markers are determined by gender.
We are continually developing privacy settings/options/modes to improve Geobird, you can also freely skip or randomize any required information that you are not comfortable sharing.

Technologies Utilized

Cookies: Geobird uses browser cookies for authentication, localization and referral. Referral system is for issuing reputation awards automatically when a user signs up after visiting a profile or a status and the new user becomes internally verified.
Browser location: Geobird uses browser location to estimate your location and to show you more relevant content utilizing geolocation.
Mobile geolocation: Geobird uses mobile geolocation data to add actual location data to your profile or things you share.
Mobile files: With your permission, your photos, videos can individually be shared as posts.
Mobile contacts: If you desire, you can search whether any of your contacts are already on Geobird.

Technologies Used

Geobird utilizes Google's AppEngine servers/datastore to serve and process data, Google's Cloud Storage to store images and videos, Zencoder to encode all videos, CloudFlare to provide DNS/SSL/Security and similar services.
Each of these services specialize in the area they are used and they are widely accepted and used by web services, however you should know that they theoretically have access to a portion of your data.


Through Geobird Plugins, websites may integrate comment sections or similar plugins. No information about you or your account will be shared with third-party websites, however as the websites will include a frame to geobird.com, you might be confused that your information is on the website itself, however that is not the case. Your information is intended to be safe from third parties.
Through these plugins, you will be able to comment or upvote content on websites easier.


Geobird is currently under development and will stay in development mode in the foreseen future.
As the User, you acknowledge that it's impossible to notify you at every tiny change to this policy, therefore changes to this policy might go unnoticed and it's your responsibility to check for policy changes - if you desire to.
We are doing everything we can to protect your privacy and safety, double/triple checking every tiny bit of Geobird to make sure everything is safe, building features to prevent bad things from happening, however we are living in a world where anything is possible, therefore, as the User, you should acknowledge this.