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What is Geobird? Geobird is a niche location based social platform. It's open. You share with the world. Discover what other's share. Pan into any part of the world. See new people, new things. Or do none of these. Use Geobird to map your travels, document your hobbies, or anything else. If you're looking for an alternative sharing platform, you're very welcome here.

In the initial days the aim was to grow, currently it's to become better every day. Give feedback, request things, demand improvements. I will do my best to make them happen.

Here is my personal profile. I've built Geobird from scratch. I enjoy building and using Geobird. And I will keep Geobird around as long as I'm around. Even if things don't get mainstream.
(You can freely use, modify these images for content related to Geobird)
Some of the Features and Promises Share with the World You don't need any followers or friends, just share with the world, or just share to share, discover what others are sharing. Share photos, videos, create albums, collections. Free Conversations Every user has the ability to reach anyone Only negative feedback restricts this ability Geo Popularity Posts, People are ranked higher with feedback and reputation With more users and more feedback, things get better and better Geo Momentum Links gain geo momentum with upvotes, gaining popularity at the action location So basically even a location-less entity can gain traction around a location No Algorithms for Self Gain And Control - No Ads No Ads, Nothing to artificaly alter what you see and prevent you from seeing things your followers shared, at least not yet and hopefully never The Tiled Feed The Feed shows the content from the map area you are looking at, when you pan to a different spot, the feed is refreshed with the content from that spot The Map and Markers The Map shows the most popular posts as markers, showing you a glimpse of the world A Map for Everyone Everyone has their own map in their profiles, the map automatically collects and shows everything Hopefully making Geobird useful for travellers and explorers Nearby Push Posts are pushed to people nearby, to more people if they are trending So you can receive interesting things from around Topics / Hashtags Every hashtag has it's own map Hashtags can be followed, added as badges Aimed to be used for interests, causes and events Cross Platform Available on Web, iOS, Android Promises for Web Entities Comments rank links higher in the ecosystem Every comment and upvote adds the link to the owner's profile With each comment, upvote every follower of a person receives an update Every link is automatically added to the map of the website Popular links are sent to the followers of a website automatically Planned plugins based on interest Reputation System Each user has a reputation visible to the user This reputation increases with likes, follows and achievements The weight of every action increases with this reputation Additional Features Geobird has many "sub-social networks" inside, if you love watching and reading, you might love these features too. Movies TV Shows Books